Daily Meditation-靈修夥伴

[Daily Meditation-靈修夥伴]



文/John Main 神父


Spiritual friendship is a very important part of the spiritual journey. So if you have some understanding of the journey you are making, and if you have some support (that’s why I recommend meditation groups), you may continue. Or you may stop; you may stop for a few weeks, a few months, a few years. Then you remember that old hunger for something deeper, for something more simple, for a closer intimacy with God. That may come back, maybe through a crisis, maybe just as a matter of time, and you come back to it. You pick it up again. For most people, that’s how we begin; I did, certainly. You begin, you stop; you begin, you stop. The reason it took me so long is I didn’t have any support when I was first trying to meditate on my own. It’s very difficult to do this entirely on your own.

(Map of the Journey, Meditatio Series 2011 C )



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